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Depression Chat Rooms > Login

Please Note the Following:

  • When the Java certificate appears you must click on "Yes" or "Run" in order to accept the certificate and hence be connected to these chat rooms.

  • If you have any firewalls installed on your computer please ensure you permit them to connect you to these chat rooms. Please view our Known Firewall Issues section for assistance.

  • If you are using a relatively slow internet connection method such as dial up, the next page may take several minutes to load in its entirety.

  • If you experience any problems whatsoever entering the chat rooms please see our Troubleshooting Guide (if you are using Opera web browser to view this site Click Here to access the chat rooms with our compatible Java applet).

  • If you have an IRC client installed on your computer or use Morzilla Firefox, you can enter the chat rooms by  Clicking Here.

Please Enter a Nickname:
    If this applet fails to connect you to the depression chat rooms, or you simply prefer the appearance of our alternative applets, please use:

If you experience persistent connection problems consult our Troubleshooting Guide.

  • These rooms are currently busiest and at their peak during the following hours: 7pm - 12am (Central Standard Time) / 11pm - 4am (Greenwich Mean Time).

New to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client Programs?

If you experience any problems connecting via the Java applets we have available, or would rather just prefer to connect to the depression chat rooms using a standalone program, you can do so by following these three steps (for Windows users only):

  • Step One: Download and install a free IRC client program (we recommend HydraIRC). Click Here to download this application.

  • Step Two: Install and run the client, creating an Identity by following the instructions within the application. Once you have successfully produced an Identity close HydraIRC and follow step three.

  • Step Three: Simply Click Here to enter the main chat room, paying attention to any firewalls you might have installed on your system.

For subsequent visits to the depression chat rooms just follow step three.

If the third step fails to connect you, then load HydraIRC  and type in the main window:

/server irc.quakenet.org:6667

/join #depression

To learn more about IRC Clients Click Here. For any additional assistance Contact Us.

Familiar with IRC Client Programs?

If you are familiar with IRC, then please setup your client as follows:

  • IRC Server: irc.quakenet.org:6667  

  • Channel: #depression

For further assistance, of any nature, please  Contact Us.

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