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Depression Chat Rooms > Login > Firewall Problems and Suggested Solutions

Firewall Connection Difficulties    

Firewall Suggested Remedy*

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7.0 +

  • Momentarily disable this Internet security system to establish if this is the cause of your connection problem.

  • If you can connect to the chat rooms without the ZoneAlarm Internet Suite being enabled, we suggest you switch to v6.5 (and use the firewall only).

  • Uninstall v7.0 + and then download v6.5 directly from the ZoneAlarm website by Clicking Here.

  • Once v6.5 is installed you might be prompted to upgrade, please do so as per the instructions within the firewall.

  • Connect to the chat rooms, allowing the Java applet to connect to the internet.

Alternative Remedy (by "Birdman"):

  • Bring up ZA [Zone Alarms] and click on IM Security.

  • Click on settings tab and click advanced button.

  •  Remove check for blocking IRC.

  • Go to Zone Alarm Main Screen. Select the blocked IP. On the bottom there is a button to add IP to trusted area. Name it, and you are done.

* All changes you make to your computer are at your own risk. Depression Understood is not in any way responsible for any harm that may occur to your computer.

If you know of any other firewall issues please Contact Us.     

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