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Depression Information Centre


Fortunately with the advent of the Internet and its exponential increase in popularity in the last decade, there is now a mass of information about depression, anxiety and other related mental health concerns widely available online.

We have a wealth of knowledge on this website which we hope you will find helpful; but as any website, our information is not exhaustive and we recommend you do additional research in your local area and elsewhere on the Internet.

This Information Section Includes:


Information Type:

> Emergency Contacts.    Database of global emergency contact phone numbers & addresses.
> Articles/Essays.    Information about depression, anxiety and other related health issues
> Mental Health News.    Monthly mental health news, polls and quotes.

* All information within this section is correct at the time of publishing. We are continually updating this service, and will announce any defunct information as and when it becomes apparent to us.


All relevant sections allow you to read what others have thought about a certain article/topic, as well as allowing you to write your own review.

We also encourage you to add any appropriate contact details to our emergency international database in order to help us to help others.


We thrive on your constructive feedback in order to improve our service. Please feel free to:

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