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We do not wish to impose a multitude of rules and conditions as to what is acceptable in our chat rooms. We believe to do so would hamper communication and expression, often at times when it is crucial to convey feelings clearly and precisely. In order for us to maintain this stance we ask that you are conscious of others feelings at all times, and show appropriate respect. To summarise, we ask you to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

In order to avoid any confusion as to what is acceptable in our rooms we have compiled the following simple chat room etiquette guide.

Chat Room Etiquette:

  • To show consideration, understanding and respect to others at all times.

  • To comply with all instructions and/or suggestions by the host team. A host - or room moderator (Op) - can be identified by an "@" symbol / ban hammer next to their nickname. Any decision by a host is not to be challenged or argued.

  • As a member of these rooms you must use a single nickname whenever you sign in. Choosing a single nickname helps to promote trust with fellow chatters and hosts.

  • The chat rooms are intended to help support those with depression and other related health issues. The glorification of suicidal thoughts or tendencies, and/or the glorification of self injury (either by written text or the entry of links to other websites) will not be tolerated, and will result in your being removed from these rooms. We also insist that you do not go into extreme graphic detail regarding self harm or suicidal practices.

  • You are welcome to stay logged into these rooms twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We ask that when you are away from a chat room that you mark yourself as absent by using the "/nick" command. By marking yourself away in this manner clearly shows anyone new joining a channel that you are not ignoring them if they should try and strike up a conversation with you.

  • We do not tolerate the use of strong profanities, or conversation of a sexually explicit nature. Such content can often be disturbing to others and you will be immediately asked to change your behaviour. Attempts to disguise profanities or sexually explicit content is also not welcome and is viewed and treated in the same manner.

  • Common courtesy dictates that you ask someone publicly before sending a Private Message (PM) to a person you do not know. Additionally, it is important that the main chat rooms aren't neglected due to members being focused on their respective PMs. Please consider how you might feel if you entered a support chat room only to be ignored. If you are likely to be in a PM of some duration, please alter your nickname in an appropriate manner. Please enter PMs cautiously - people can claim to be anyone they wish on the Internet and can copy your conversations to use against you at any time. Depression Understood cannot be held liable to what occurs in private conversations: we cannot read them, so what transpires in private is entirely your responsibility.

  • The chat rooms are not be used as dating rooms. The use of such terms as "a/s/l" are discouraged and are frowned upon. There are thousands of dating rooms on the Internet, please use one of them if you are looking for this sort of chat.

  • First and foremost the chat rooms are to be used for depression and/or anxiety peer support. We do nevertheless encourage our chat resources to be used to meet new friends and we actively encourage most types of social interaction. It is however imperative that off-topic conversation does not hinder those seeking peer support from engaging in the primary purpose of the chat rooms. Please ensure conversations do not neglect or hamper others talking about depression and/or anxiety.

  • Always respect others privacy. For example, do not publicly ask for contact details such as telephone numbers, residential addresses, e-mail addresses, Instant Messenger or Social Media information. These sorts of inquires can often make people feel awkward, particularly when asked in public.

  • This website has no religious undertones, or any bias to one particular religion. We insist that you are mindful and show consideration of others religious - or non religious - beliefs. �Preaching� to others about your own personal religious beliefs is not allowed. Members of the chat rooms must show mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.

  • The chat rooms are designed to act as a common ground for mutual sharing, principally based around depression and anxiety peer support. We do not allow this chat medium to be used as a vehicle for enticing people to other forms of Internet communication, such as Instant Messengers. This includes Skype, Whatsapp, kik or any other messaging services such as these. The chat rooms should also not be used as a resource to increase popularity on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Always refrain from joining the chat rooms unless you wish to use them for their intended purpose.

  • Please do not make threats or hints about taking your own life. Our chat rooms are not equipped to deal with emergencies of this nature. Furthermore, such behaviour puts immeasurable and unfair pressure on others. If you are in crisis please contact your emergency call out services, or search our worldwide database to find Emergency Contact Numbers in your local area.

  • Whilst alcohol and drug misuse can be a common trait of those with depression, anxiety and other related health concerns, we do not allow themed conversations wholly centred on substance abuse. It is perfectly acceptable to mention the use of alcohol or drugs, but such conversations should not take over the chat rooms, nor should they deteriorate dialogue to a point where it is no longer relevant to peer support. Again, respect is the key, if any single member feels uncomfortable, the topic must be immediately changed.

  • This site positively welcomes and embraces all countries and cultures. Nevertheless, it is essential we have a common platform on which to communicate. It is recognized that our chat rooms use the English language only. We thank you for your understanding of this necessity.

  • No links in the chat rooms. We are not able to monitor the content of links. We all have different experiences in life, and the content of some sites may upset our users. If you wish to share a link, please do so in a private message. If someone sends you a link, please look at the link at your own risk. We are not responsible for any content that chatters give each other via a link.

  • Soliciting, endorsing or otherwise promoting websites, blogs or companies/businesses for personal gain whether for monetary or personal reasons is not allowed for any reason. Anyone appealing for money or material possessions will be removed.

  • Please report any covert misuse(s) of the chat rooms to an Op (room moderator). This rule is specifically aimed at, but is not limited to, any inappropriate Private Messages (PMs). PMs are completely confidential - if you do not report improper behaviour it will go unidentified. If it appears there is not an Op available at any given time, please Contact Us.

  • Advertising, or the promotion of any other similar chat rooms or forums is prohibited. Any such activity will result in an immediate ban. Moreover, we do not accept our members suggesting inappropriate or pro-suicide chat rooms/IRC channels.

  • These chat rooms are not to be linked to any external resource without prior written consent from us.

  • The minimum age to enter these chat rooms is sixteen. By entering the chat rooms you are validating and identifying yourself to us (Depression Understood), as being sixteen years of age or over.

  • This website has no political undertones or bias towards any political ideology or system. We insist that you show consideration for others' affiliations or beliefs. Discussion solely focussed on politics, political systems or political events is neither encouraged nor allowed. As always, members of the chat rooms must show mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.

  • The chat rooms are intended for depression/anxiety peer support. We prohibit the chat rooms being used for any other purpose as listed above, and also including:

    • The collection of information for studies or research. No chat room logs or recordings of any nature are allowed to be reproduced in any manner: in print, elsewhere on the Internet or any other form of publication; or to be concealed in any statistical study.

    • The chat rooms are not be used for professional counselling or online therapy meetings. Furthermore, we insist that no one claims to be a practicing mental health professional, or that they hold any related health qualifications. It is necessary for us to adopt this standpoint as we cannot verify the validity of such claims. False claims of expertise and subsequent advice (especially regarding medications), could be extremely damaging to our members.

  • We also would like to invite you to visit our Forum as another medium for support. Feel free to introduce yourself or tell Your Story.


  • We would like it to be noted that the hosts/Ops are volunteering their time and are to be treated with the utmost respect.

  • If you have any questions or problems concerning the chat rooms please contact a host by double clicking their nickname so you can talk in private with him/her.

  • Hosts/Ops may also be experiencing depression and/or anxiety. Their involvement in the chat rooms is not only to oversee the smooth operation of the chat rooms, but to offer and receive peer support in the same manner as any other user.

If you encounter any problems, or a situation in which you feel uncomfortable when a host is not available please Contact Us.

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Page Last Modified: 22nd June 2016

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