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Information Centre > Articles And Essays > Bipolar Disorder (1/1)

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"How Do You Know if You Have Manic-Depression?" by Michael G. Rayel, MD | Article ID: #B001

Nancy was doing very well until about two years ago when Phil, her boyfriend of 9 years, broke-up with her. It was a difficult moment for her especially after she learned that Phil eventually married her cousin. Since then, Nancy had deteriorated. One evening, she was involved in a motor vehicular accident because she was driving fast and recklessly in a quiet suburban neighborhood... Read More  |  Read Reviews

"Understanding Bipolar Disorder." by: Mark Osbourne | Article ID: #B002

You're happy! You've never been happier! You feel full of life! You're so up, you haven't even been able to sleep for two days! You're on a natural high! And then the crash happens. And you never know why. People with bipolar disorder live in a world of extremes. If you know someone with bipolar disorder, it might seem like they have multiple personalities... Read More  |  Read Reviews


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