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A Note on Copyright Restrictions

Whilst it is proper and correct that a body of work is copyrighted (meaning in this case an article or essay cannot merely be copied by anyone whom wishes to do so from its original source to another), intellectual property rights differ from country to country, are highly ambiguous and can lead to useful health related articles going unread.

We must observe that anything that has any sign of being copyrighted (this is normally signified by a � sign), cannot be directly included on this site unless: i) direct written consent has been granted by the owner/author of the article, or, ii) that the site upon which the article is found has declared that all contents within are copyright free.

However and moreover, it is always possible to link to an article. For example, if you have discovered a useful article about depression from this fictitious location: www.example.com/depression.html then we can link to that specific page.

Therefore, in conclusion, we are asking you to supply us with as much information about the article you wish us to publish or promote on this site so we do not break any copyright laws.

Please Fill Out the Sections Below (all sections are mandatory)

Name of the article. For example: "The Black Cloud Of Depression."

Name of author/authoress. For example: "Jane Kriese".

How would you describe the copyright status of this article.

Where did you read this article?  For example: Internet, newspaper (name), magazine (name).

The article. Please write or copy/paste the contents of the article in the box below. Alternatively please supply the URL (website address) of this suggested article. If you are providing an URL then please include a brief description of the contents of the article.

Your e-mail address.

Thank you for suggesting this article.

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