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Information Centre > Contact Numbers > United States > Utah

Depression Contact Information for the US State of Utah

Please click on the city nearest to you from the table below you will automatically be taken to your chosen location. Alternatively please consider calling 911 if you are in need of immediate assistance.

If you wish to view a different state or would like to visit other sections of the information center, please follow the menu options at the bottom of this page.


Provo Contact Details:

  • Type of contact: Helpline.
  • Contact phone number:  (801) 226-4433.
  • Other known details (for example type of organization):  Utah County Crisis Line.


Salt Lake City Contact Details:

  • Type of contact: Crisis Hotline.
  • Contact phone number:  (801) 483-5444.
  • Other  known details (for example type of organization): Crisis Hotlines (24 hours / 7 days) Salt Lake, Valley Mental Health Summit & Tooele Counties, Crisis Intervention University of Utah Medical Center.

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