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Information Centre > Contact Numbers > Wales > Rhondda/Cynon/Taff

Depression Contact Information for Rhondda/Cynon/Taff

If you wish to view a different location or would like to visit other sections of the information centre, please follow the menu options at the bottom of this page.

Please scroll through the contact details below to find the most appropriate service. Alternatively dial 999.

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Rhondda/Cynon/Taff Ely Emergency Out of Hours Service.

  • Phone number: 01443 204 010.
  • Address: Unknown.
  • Website: N/A.
  • Opening hours: Monday-Friday 5pm-8.30am and at weekends from Friday 4.30pm-Monday 8.30am, also open over bank holidays.
  • Details: In the first instance, if you, or someone you know, needs emergency help because of a mental health problem, contact your GP. If you are phoning when the surgery is closed, there should be a recorded message giving you an emergency contact. If circumstances prevent contact with the GP, the emergency out of hours service will put you in contact with the duty social worker.


Rhondda and Pontypridd Crisis Intervention Team.

  • Phone number: 01443 207 477.
  • Address: Unknown.
  • Website: N/A.
  • Opening hours: 24 hours every day.
  • Details: People can access the team via their GP, recognised agencies or through the accident and emergency department at their local hospital. Service covers Rhondda and Taff Ely.

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