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"Depression." by  Roopa Sushil | Article ID: #D005

This is an article submitted for those who are depressed in their Life. The following can be attributed to de-stress oneself:

1. Emotions are the self-poison that one intakes. So don�t be very emotional.

2. Being 100% practical always works out tremendously.

3. Never give-up what you have in anticipation of achieving something in the future.

4. Trusting someone more than required is always dangerous.

5. Getting hurt is easy, but sustaining it is impossible.

6. Always listen to your heart while making decisions. Don�t let others interfere to avoid regression later.

7. Always be self-dependent, being dependent can cost you more in terms of mental trauma.

8. To try to forget the unforgettable(s) is a hectic schedule.

9. Nothing is eternal except change.

10. Being sensitive is like weakening your organs.

11. Live up to your present joyfully, you never know what is there in store for tomorrow.

12. Letting someone take major decisions in your life is nothing but a blame game.

13. Letting others take decisions on your behalf is foolishness and blaming them for the repercussions is cowardness.

14. Pen down your feelings on a piece of paper if you don�t have someone to share the same.

15. Try to avoid giving too-much to the people who are less-deserving.

16. No one forgets neither the very good thing in their life and nor the very bad thing in their life.

17. Never get compensated for your self-respect.

18. Do not depend for happiness on others because nobody gives happiness to anybody. So, pamper yourself and keep yourself happy in your own way!

19. Try to catch the hard reality of Life when you are depressed.

20. Depressed mood is certainly like a clear mirror image to understand the hard realities of life.

You can write to me about the problems that you are facing and I will try to give my piece of advice to you.

About the Author

Ms. Roopa Sushil is an innovative writer about relationships. She analyses the tribulations in relationships and counsel them thoroughly.

You can write to her at [email protected]

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