An evening that went very bad

Depression/anxiety may have touched your family, your friends, yourself; what helps you to deal with it? Sharing is caring!

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Re: An evening that went very bad

Postby BrokenPen » Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:45 pm

Thank you everyone for all your advice. Just wish I had your calm when things took an extra worse inch last night.

We got into another argument after she fell into another bad bout. It started with her despairing over getting home. You see she takes the bus since she doesn't drive. But after getting home she started to spiral downward into despair. Then she turned inward thinking about how much of a loser she is and that she doesn't deserve anything. That was when it was turned towards me in that she wanted me out of her life. I refused because I want to stay to help her and that's when she said, "Am I going to have to do this to get you away from?" And she slapped me and even started hitting me with closed fists against my chest. It all ended when she said that I was "weak", "stupid", "spineless" and that I needed to "be a man", "grow up" and "grow a pair" and then she started hitting me with a pillow saying that I'm a masochist because I just stand there and take whatever she says at me. Finally, I had lost my cool and grabbed the pillow and threw it down and started yelling. Something which I don't do and never really done.

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