I'm tired.

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I'm tired.

Postby katattack » Mon Jun 22, 2020 9:51 pm

I'm tired of faking orgasms. I'm tired of the shame of telling people I fake it every time because, sorry, but I'm tired of men's lack of understanding of the area. Sex is exciting emotionally, but physically, I am just never close. I'm shy. I don't want to be bossing someone around like the professor of my vagina. I'm so tired of meeting with attractive men knowing that I'm the shit, but then as soon as I'm around them I'm bashful. I'm f****** exhausted. I'm tired of my father being predatory and judgmental of my appearance, but not enough for me to be able to fully want him out of my life. I'm tired of my mother being complicit. I'm tired of my friends being in bad moods and not asking me how I'm doing. I'm tired of existing inside my own little insular world and not having someone there for me, to hold me at night. I'm tired of dating. I'm tired of being afraid people won't like what I look like in real life versus my dating profiles. I'm tired of my brain. My trauma response is constantly going and it's absolutely unrelenting. I'm so tired.

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Re: I'm tired.

Postby useranonymous » Sun Aug 30, 2020 6:19 am

It's nit very nice how your father is treating you or very helpful. Is he the kind of person you feel you could approach to talk to about how he makes you feel? My parents always made mean comments about my appearance and made me feel I always had to make myself look perfect everyday. It's only when I met somebody that appreciated my natural beauty they realised what they were doing was wrong

As for sex, not many men understand it takes a woman alot longer . Many men will address their own pleasures more and think they are satisfying us just because they go a bit faster. Probably giving you too much detail but I often take control now as I know what pleasures me and he just has to be dominated . Don't be afraid to bruise a man's ego. If he asks how it was, be constructive but honest. Otherwise they go around thinking they are the best f*** in the world. They may even want round two to work at it. Most men love being dominated , you don't always have to get the whips and handcuffs out though. Have you tried talking dirty? If your afraid to ask men to try something different you could ask them in a dirty way.

I'm not quite sure why people nowadays feel they can't leave their house unless their hair and makeup are done with a perfect appearance. To make it worse there are men out there who expect women to go to all that trouble every day. They are the ones to stay clear of. But there are good men out there who appreciate natural beauty, it's just finding one .

Im not really sure what advice to give you other than maybe don't be afraid to be yourself and dont change for anybody. Let a man chase you and really work to get you. He will appreciate you more

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