More Powerful Than We Thought

Feelings and emotions regarding depression, anxiety and other health issues.

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More Powerful Than We Thought

Postby TheHurricane » Thu May 07, 2020 8:20 pm

I'm dealing with anxiety and depression since my childhood.I'm discovered it 3 years ago but when I think about some childhood memories I realized that it was always with me.
I just finished a book and a movie (all the bright places) and I suddenly relalized that we are more powerful than We thought.
Most of the time we even dont know what is goin on inside our mind and how to handle that. People going around and have a normal life and don't understand what is mental illness be like and maybe make fun of it but some of us don't even get a sleep because of the war with themselves
I understood this night that we are litearlly fighters and it really worths it. We are still alive.We're getting hurt every second maybe by people around us maybe by ourself but we are here. Had terrible years,days,moments, feelings but still trying at the end of the day.We still find a reason to smile after all that.If you don't, I'll be with you.
I made a account just because say you this and make you to know you that you are not alone.
And sorry for this English.Its not my first language.
Anyway I'm here if you need me.

We're alive as long as we feel something. Keep feeling.

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Re: More Powerful Than We Thought

Postby Jay27woods » Sun May 10, 2020 3:19 pm

You’re 100% correct, and I’m actually trying to find ways to help ppl with mental disorders because I know how it can affect your life. I’ve been depressed and anxious since I was a child as well, and it took me a LONG time to realize that my anxiety was actually making me intolerant towards discomfort. So anytime I’d have to compromise and put my needs ahead of my wants, I’d always give in to the want and that’s something I know a lot of depressed ppl struggle with. Feeling trapped in this vicious cycle a depressed mind creates, is such a villainous state of mind. It’s called Anxiety Psychopathology, and it’s actually starting to be linked to depression and mainly anxiety. So your past may actually have made u intolerant towards discomfort, idk if that’s something u actually struggle with, but I’d be willing to bet it is. To have success in life these days you gotta be able to compromise and tolerate discomfort, I’m 30 yrs old and my life is in shambles because of this. So starting today I’m breaking down what changes I want to make in my life, and I’m choosing to attack my discomfort intolerance head on. I encouraged others to do the same if you feel like this is your issue as well, it’s only going to happen if we support eachother through this journey tho, we’re all a little broken but we can aid eachother I’m getting fixed.

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