Unhome: the poem

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Unhome: the poem

Postby Tired toad » Mon Jun 03, 2019 1:31 pm

Down the hall and to the left
That is where you’ll find me
Behind the padlocked door
That is where I’ll be

On the outside looking in
It’s a comfy little spot
But on the inside looking out
It’s a place where you’ll rot

It’s supposed to be for clothes, not you
I guess that’s what’s so maddening
But yet, that’s where you are
And that is truly saddening

When everyone is pushing you down
And all you can do is run away
To this place you call your home
And that is why you stay

It gets lonely, with only you and your fears
Sometimes all you can do is cry
And wish you were in a better place
One where you do not have to lie

Sometimes all you want in life
Is a simple friend
One that always understands you
Right up till the end

But what makes you different
From everybody in town
Is that you like her
Instead of any boy around

This may be the reason why
This might have caused it
Yes, this is why you are in this unhome
This is why you are in the closet

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