death related

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death related

Postby bluerose391 » Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:53 pm

It is likely that my enemies may kill me. They will camoflague it properly for example an accident or poisoning or some such thing. their objective was to make a tamasha of my life and prevent me from working. That they have done. they have put infinite fear inside me. Now they will kill me and also make it look like it was my fault.
This is what they did to princess Diana and Fiza. First they made a public spectacle of their lives. They gave a lot of publicity to them and proved that they are bad/useless/mad people. then they secretly got them killed.
Why did they do this? I think boldness is the reason. That is the only common factor between the two of them. Princess Diana said publicly many things which proved that she was not afraid. Fiza was also extremely bold person. I am a bold person in my mind. I am not afraid of saying or doing certain things. My brother was also very bold. He died at the age of 26. Before his death, a spectacle was made of his life. He was being secretly harrassed on road. Many bikers were scaring him. He was totally alone. He was too young to understand what it was.
Except that due to the death of my friends, I have now become very scared. Today I look like a scared person, but I am the opposite of that. I am terrified that my friends will suddenly die. This is a fact and nobody can do anything about it. My enemeies have given me hints of another death. It is probable that within the next one year, another friend may die. She is 36, has two kids and lives in Bombay. Her name starts with P.

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Re: death related

Postby Sadinatura » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:37 pm

I have no idea what or how to help you, but I think you deserve a reply to know someone truly read your post. Stay out there, friend.

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