New here - Im into music too

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New here - Im into music too

Postby DiegoArgentina92 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:24 am

Hi. I just joined to the forum, im not new in depression sites, groups, and all this. Its really hard to find a good depression group, ive joined to every depression group in fbook and are all a mess, its like you cannot find a single depression person into thousands of members of depression groups.

Move now to the Music topic. Im from Argentina, 25, i play guitar. I like melow music, and melodic music. Ive been playing and practicing jazz music with the guitar, not very American Jazz style, but, the thing goes a little for that. I like mellow music like Autumn Leaves, then i like things like Pavarotti, and music like that. I like Astor Piazzolla. I like soprano female voies. Bossa Nova a bit, theres a musician called Djavan that i like what he makes. And other things, but thats the panorama.

If thers any other guitar players into guitars would like to know. I like archtop guitars, im one of those who are really into guitars, not more about gear, amps, and pedals, just guitars, i dont care in what i plug in the guitar, i like to play clean. I like Gibsons, D´Angelicos, and that kind, i like Monteleones, there are ones called it Mirabella that are great, i like the Victor Baker too, all of that kind.

Would be to contact with other musicians from here, ive tried to meet musicians in other depression groups but its difficult, im one really into music, not just having a few knowledge of it. I enjoy and i like music, im a player, so.

Theres a band called Scalandrum that is good, its from Argentina, the drummer is the grandson of Astor Piazzolla, if any want to hear some of it. The band (instrumental jazz Argentina street style) is been playing with a singer (from Argentina too) Elena Roger, some good songs are Preludio para el año 3001 , Balada para mi muerte , Milonga de la anunciación , Canción desesperada. Dont know if any know what is the music we call "folklore" (i know folklore is the word to talk about every reginals), some are Atahualpa Yupanqui, Eduardo Falu ("Zamba de la Candelaria"), Ramón Ayala, Horacio Guaraní. And from who are into guitar you have Juanjo Dominguez (in my opinion the best guitaris of all) and Juan Falú. Hope if any who read this want to search for this and likes it. Moving into rock music theres a musician from here called Charly Garcia, check for him, songs like Influencia, Promesas sobre el bidet, Demoliendo hoteles. Llendo de la cama al living, Cerca de la revolución, Tu vicio. If you like that style you can search for Andres Calamaro.

I would like to meet other players and composers, dont know if its allowed publush links here (youtube), i dont have much to show, and its not what i would like to have recorded, just to share. I like bassy music.

Bye to all.

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