Inspired by Human/Computer Incompatability

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Inspired by Human/Computer Incompatability

Postby MindOverEmotion » Mon Jul 19, 2021 7:56 pm

Conversation with a search engine

Me: Hey, I need to look up something.
Comp: Cool, what are to looking for?

Me: I’m trying to find a video that has a white, fluffy cat that meows in a super funny way.
Comp: Alright, here is one with a cat, and it's batting at a ball of yarn.

Me: Um, no. It is a White, fluffy, cat meows funny.
Comp: Oh yes, this video explains why cats meow and not roar.

Me: Dude, this isn’t complex.
Comp: Hmm...okay, so here is a dog snuggling with a fluffy cat.

Me: Don’t make me dump your ass for a better search engine.
Comp: Ahh here we go…. This is how to search for things and more easily
find what you’re looking for.

Me: Ok, I’ll try. "Cat meow", "funny", "ball of yarn", "white"
Comp: Ahh, here we go. It says meowing like a cat is commonly used in sexual role playi...

Me: NO NO NO!!! Damnit, ugh. You piece of... Okay, okay, strict filtering on. Try again.
Comp: Hmm..... Flea and ticks home remedies for cats on

Me: No, that's not it.
Comp: Fuzzy Friends grooming services, rated 4.5 stars in the last 5 years, rated 3.5stars in one month?

Me: I’m breaking up with you for
Comp: No wait! Do you want to make us your default web browser?
We are a the best, trust me.

Me: Ohh, let me see hmmm….. first I'm gonna uninstall your browser then give your dumb ass search results the finger.
Comp: Ahh! Here we go: Dumb ass, also known as stupid donkey.
Wikipedia is so great. Good stuff isn't it?

Me: Youtube search, Computer vs. Lawn Mower.

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