Father in Heaven

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Father in Heaven

Postby JoeFriend » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:53 pm

I wrote this about a year or two back when I was going through a rather difficult time. I hope you may find it helpful or enjoyable... It helped me a lot.

Father in Heaven, this gracious day
I bow my head and kneel to pray.
May what I speak be from my heart
Help me to serve and live my part.
Oh, what supernal joy I feel
That fills my soul with wondrous zeal
That such a simple man as I
Here may commune with God on high.

Father in Heaven, help me to change
For all I've wronged or now estrange.
Please guide my hands to make things right.
Though dark the past our future's bright.
Heal now the wounds, the aches, the pains,
Help conquer sin and break the chains.
Father, my will, I give to thee!
All thy commands shall set me free.

Father in Heaven, help me forgive,
Serve my brother each day I live.
Help me to guide the souls who seek,
Comfort the sad and learn from the-meek.
Open mine ears that I may hear!
Open mine eyes and gods appear!
Each mortal soul that I behold,
A child of thine, more dear than gold.

Father in Heaven, I think of still,
Jesus who died on Calvary's hill,
And with his life o'er came the fall.
Father, thy Son, atoned for all.
Christ is the King! The Lord! Thy Son!
Help me to heed this Holy one!
Teach me to walk his narrow way!
That I with thee may live some day.

Father in Heaven, this gracious day
I bow my head and kneel to pray.

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