Coping with panic attacks? Tips?

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Coping with panic attacks? Tips?

Postby Insomniac » Tue Jan 25, 2022 2:49 am

Hello there! I've been dealing with panic attacks for about 5 years now and have been able to stop them from happening until recently. For context, my panic attacks typically start slow/minor (numbness in my hands, tightness in my chest, shallow breaths, etc.) and can be stopped before getting serious and I haven't had a full-blown panic attack since the first one I experienced that required an ambulance. My usual coping skills aren't working as well and I'm really concerned my next panic attack will be worse than the previous ones since I haven't had a full-blown one in so long. I'm just looking for new possible coping mechanisms from people that have had similar experiences to me. Thank you in advance!

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