Truth vs. Interpretation - Our Reflection

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Truth vs. Interpretation - Our Reflection

Postby MindOverEmotion » Sun Jul 18, 2021 6:54 am

A bird outside my window

A little creature I see, I see he’s alone.
Strong wings, and abundant focus.
His beating heart aches for what isn’t there.
He sees this treasured future, unknowingly disguising a painful lesson.

A wall of reflection he thumps into at his cost.
Sometimes he gathers a twig, maybe a leaf or two.
He gives to this future, unknowingly being a burden in disguise.

Logic here has no purpose or value.
Health of those feathers didn't come with health of mind.
I sit and watch my bird trying to greet her.

This puzzle I know no cure.
This lesson I know very well.
This wall of mine, like the wall of this tiny bird.

Expectations without good results tears our hearts.
Gathering a twig or two, he invests in his happiness
My reflection may also fail to reflect equal results from such care.

A mess in the mirrors we see, so very convincing.
This choice we share is a bond, knowing these conflicting choices.
Though, I'll see past these reflections, knowing the truth.
He will endure life's unforgiving trickery 'till he's out of hope.
Alone in deep thought, I'll remember that relentless search for newfound fortunes.

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