Am I depressed?

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Am I depressed?

Postby spitfire930 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 3:28 pm

I am writing in this forum looking for a possible answer.
I would like to say first that I don't really feel depressed but i would like to share some back story of why I am starting to doubt myself.

I'm a 29 year old father of two amazing children and i have a loving wife, have a great career in welding, i make a safe amount of money and am able to provide what my family needs. however the last couple years some things have changed that i didnt really notice until recently.

I used to have a group of friends that got together often and enjoyed the company of each other, relaxing with my kids and camping, having drinks, movies etc. that really doesnt happen anymore, i find that i would rather stay home and do nothing. i used to love my job, loved going everyday and learning new things, building new things and seeing what i was capable of. that has changed, but i dont know if its because ive been doing it so long that its no longer a challenge i hate going to work every day.

my wife is working towards a degree in education, now that our children are older she is more comfortable capable of pursuing a career and getting a job she enjoys. I also cant tell if thats a factor in why i feel this way, its taken 10 years for her to want to start working and im already burnt out working 40, 50, 60, hours plus in and out of town its a huge struggle to keep the drive to keep up on doing so much extra to keep up with expenses, but cant complain because shes working hard and it wont last forever.

im tired all the time, like really tired. i wasnt like that a few years back i wanted to go camping and be out and about doing stuff. is it because im older? then again im still in my 20's. i used to play video games, a lot, it made me happy. after a long day and the kids are put down i would hop online and have a great time. now they dont keep my attention, its boring to play. again, is it because im older?

the things i used to do i dont want to do anymore. golf, frolf, video games, friends, work, sometimes parenting. am i just burnt out? being a baby about my life responsibilities? or could there be a different issue im not aware of?

anyone who reads this, i want an honest answer. if its just to buck it up and deal with it, ill take that advice. if its something else then i can pursue it. this cant be all that life can offer.

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Re: Am I depressed?

Postby White Lavender » Sat Aug 04, 2018 4:13 pm

I would like to clarify that I'm probably not the best person to get advice from, considering I am still working through stuff in my own life and am very confused with myself.

With that out of the way, then I would say that yes, you do seem to be exhibiting symptoms of depression. Depression is not just caused by the things happening in your life, but can also be biological or genetic, which some people tend to not know and thus repress their depression as they believe that it's not really possible because they don't see anything in their life that they should be depressed about. My personal suggestion would be to find a therapist who can help you work through this. Worst case scenario, you don't actually have depression, which isn't really anything to get upset over, but it'd be good to find a professional who can help you if you really do. Another thing you should do is talk to your family about this, especially your wife, and let them help you, because depression isn't something you should have to go through alone.

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Re: Am I depressed?

Postby RustyTavern » Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:31 pm

Maybe your sex life needs some new inspiration injection? A sex life is a top motivator.
You don't describe depression.
It could be uricaemia; consider any medical issues then get them checked (be pushy- its the NHS)

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