Self inflicted depression

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Self inflicted depression

Postby Jugnu » Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:14 am

My partner is very loving and gives me a lot of care and attention and offers to listen when I am low or feel depressed. However, this is something that is simply complicated. My partner has had an affair with a married woman and because she was having health issues and had no guarantee to survive beyond a certain time, had to continue his affair for the fear of losing her life. But he was out of the relation emotionally and was just hanging on and we connected as childhood love and didn't know when we fell in love with each other again and I helped him out of that relationship and he is very happy with me and so am I. During the struggle period she was hospitalized and he swore to leave eating non-veg on a certain day for her life. He says he never loved her and he is doing it for humanity. I have accepted it but every week on that particular day I get troubled that that day is dedicated for her. He in fact while in relationship with me, had to have a physical relationship with her against his wish (many times) to prove her doubtful nature to save her from getting into a medical health issue if she knew he was in love with me. Now there is no contact with her and thank God she is safe and healthy. I was traumatized with this act of his to be physically involved stating that I will have to be physically involved with my Husband, yes I am married but me and my husband have mutually consented to live our lives by our means, and ever since I m committed to my partner I have never had any physical relation. I know he is doing it for humanity, I once told him you never went out of your way to help me understand I am important for you the most, and you stopping to eat for her depresses me that a part of you is still hers to which he went to the extent of saying he will resume having non veg from the beginning of this year, but he doesn't even remember having said that, and that has disturbed me a lot. I am unable to come to terms, I know this might sound silly and self inflicted. Can some one help me how to make peace and let go. Empathetic responses would be appreciated. Thank you

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Re: Self inflicted depression

Postby carolinewarren » Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:17 am

Feels sorry hearing this from you. Do you have full faith in your partner that he is not cheating on you? Has he ever had made you met with that lady? If you have trust issues you can consult someone having the psychic ability like Voyante Sérieuse. They use their six sense and can see our past as well as future. They can tell you is your boyfriend cheating on you or not.

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