Sudden Onset of Troubles when Family Health Changes

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Sudden Onset of Troubles when Family Health Changes

Postby CitM » Tue May 30, 2017 1:10 pm

You wouldn't think that would be a thing, would you?

People get weird at funerals. They get weirder AFTER funerals. As if that's not enough, some people cannot really get closure with their real issues that have nothing to do with funerals, but for which the funeral was the trigger of a 'realization' in themselves that they don't want to recognize, but none the less has more to do with them and their OWN relationship than anything else.

Why am I telling you this? Because I think that when family members share an issue over similar problems, a loved one that is recently passed can make it much better (and help) or make it 10,000 times worse. Not joking.

Let's take addiction for example. I'm not calling anyone out. This is JUST a GENERIC example.
So lets say that person B is an alcoholic to the point that he died from it. And person A has the tendency, but is unaware of it (this is NOT the case with my family). So person B dies and is so upset and angry that instead of passing on gracefully, he/she decided that they need to continue their habit or get back at someone, usually mother, brother sister, by coming into their kids and making them suddenly start using.

This is bad. These are second chances to live well, these passes are gifts. So this VERY VERY bad behavior on the part of souls who really need to get their act together and possibly need to be moved so say another body in which drinking is OUT of the question for awhile, if you find this is happening to you. The goal if people are trying to watch over loved ones is to WATCH OUT for their loved ones and steer them away from what hurt them, not take your vengeance out on family members or stir up unhappy feelings and anxiety and stress.

So if you are suddenly having a problem and there has been ANY change in the health of ANY of your family members, even the members of your significant other's family, guess what? Get into a therapists office or start intensely following your Religious practices for getting closer to God and those that truly love you. Start working on your OWN issues, and don't worry about booting out the said trouble maker by regaining control of the course of your life. That person will get better, but it might be through another means available that a higher power can help with.

Remember that we are all spiritual persons in this life. This life is NOT for vengeance but for love. This life is not to perpetuate misery but to learn to love and care. This life is NOT about taking advantage of people but to calm fears.

The prayers of St. Francis is about the best thing I've seen for keeping focused on what this life is about.
With love :)

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