Social and Psychological Thought Experiments with Humor!!

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Social and Psychological Thought Experiments with Humor!!

Postby CitM » Wed May 17, 2017 5:46 pm

This is kind of a humorous look at a subject that actually is pretty serious, but if you really think about it, starts getting funny.

Ok. So what do paranoid people think? That someone's after them, right? So what do they do? Well, they make a safe place where those that are out to get them, would find it hard to get them. That could be any number of ways, places, supplies, etc.

Ok. So let's say that everyone is paranoid and we all make a safe place with our safe supplies and then we wait for the people who are coming to get us in a bad way try to do so.

And we wait.....and we wait..... and we wait.........

And no one comes, ever, because we're all hiding in our safe places with everything we need to feels safe and there isn't anyone else roaming around looking for trouble.

So think about that next time you are paranoid about people out to get you for which you have no idea why they would personally single you out, and that you don't even know them and they probably don't know you and the really scary people are with other really scary people and they are too busy to worry about people like you who are sitting there in a safe place, not bothering anyone, so why would they drop everything that they are concerned with to make your life miserable?

Paranoia is a delusion. It's like an emotional hallucination. It feels real, but it is not real. No one is out to get you. And if they are paranoid they are probably worried that others are out to get them and hiding more than anything, so you don't have to worry about them either.

Who wants to do a thought experiment on something else? Looking forward to what you come up with.

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