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I must accept that I am just like that?

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2022 11:11 pm
by paoolowww
I don't know what else to write when I write what I think, I can't express how I feel, this emptiness is so deep, loneliness makes me so sad, realizing that I don't have anyone physically makes me feel a bad and unpleasant feeling, every time When I finish writing something I feel even more empty. I feel so exhausted, sick, I smell like medicine, I have stopped self-harming, but just as I got to a point where I did not understand why I was doing it, now I wonder why not do it again, at least those sensations of physical pain helped me deal with it internal pain inside of me. I have so many bad feelings and at the same time I don't feel anything. I think there will never be a way out of all this.