Reflecting Poetically

Feelings and emotions regarding depression, anxiety and other health issues.

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Reflecting Poetically

Postby MindOverEmotion » Sun Oct 24, 2021 4:27 pm

A Bird's Reflection

This little creature I see, I see he’s aware.  
Strong wings and abundant focus.
His heart beats and aches for what's not there.
Reflections in this window is his reality.

We both seek a healthy future. One that only he is so sure.

This paned wall is the world at his cost.
He'll gather a twig, a leaf or two.
He's invested, albeit it's a growing loss.

Reason has no purpose, never to be accepted for him.
Healthy those feathers may be, it's not of mind.
I watch my friend here finding what isn't expected.

This puzzle I know no cure.
A lesson I know all too well.  
The walls of mine are mererly mirrored, for he's unaware.
We seek what's better, not broken hearts.
Sacrificing painfuly for false dreams.
Truth reveals ourselves torn apart.  

This mess will stay, though I'll see reality in truth.
My buddy innocently sees brightly in what is so dim.
Mirrored perspectives I'll wisely interpret.
My friend at my window, sadly, will wear thin.

We'll ache for what we have seen. We'll reflect upon our dream. 


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