I want to help my friend stop cutting.

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I want to help my friend stop cutting.

Postby TrulyInsane » Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:54 am

So my friend is an adult and she recently got out of a really bad relationship with this guy that was absolutely terrible. He hurt physically and emotional and their intimate life was rough. She had to trade sexual favors to get anything such as going out or things like that. She used to cut as a teenager but eventually stopped. Now that she's out of the relationship she's started cutting and burning herself again. I suspected that she might be self harming but I didn't want to push her into talking about it. She decided to confide in me as I had previously confided in her about my numerous suicide attempts and suicidal tendencies. I've made it clear to her that I'm there for her and she's grateful for it but I want to do more. I know the kind of pain that she's experiencing and I want to help her but I also don't want to overstep my bounds and not allow her to rebuild herself. Currently I'm the only one who knows about it and I've encouraged her to tell her parents and friends. She promised to tell her parents but she wanted to tell her friend first. She was going to tell her about it but she saw something she wasn't supposed to see and realized that her 'friend' thought that she was crazy and it really hurt her. She wants to stop cutting and I've recommended some healthier alternatives such as snapping a rubber band on her wrist of clenching an ice cube but she enjoys the pain that comes with the healing process. Now I caught her with burn scars on her arms and I'm trying to help her stop by being there for her but I have college and work so I can't be there for her at all times. I suggested that she go to therapy but she doesn't have insurance and she's not comfortable with going anyways. Does anyone else have any suggestions about what I could do to help her?

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Re: I want to help my friend stop cutting.

Postby tlf777 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:32 pm

I'm so thankful that your friend trusted in you. I acknowledge that this is a heavy burden to bear. You mentioned she wanted to tell her parents, but hasn't, because she wanted to tell a friend first. Would you be willing to offer going with her to tell her parents? Would they be willing to let you go with them to get counseling? If you would like to send me a private message I would be happy to talk to you more. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

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Re: I want to help my friend stop cutting.

Postby Life_Hope_Love » Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:46 am

I think you're a really solid friend for being there for your friend and not judging her. I would want someone to be there for me and encourage me to be healthy if I was struggling, that's so important. I know we can never be responsible for other's choices or behavior but it is such a blessing to have encouraging friends like you. I know when I had struggled in the past, it was helpful to have a listening ear, an objective opinion to offer help on dealing with tough emotions. 855-382-5433 this is a great number for either of you to talk and have some excellent support. Blessings to you, hang in there!

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