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Postby CitM » Fri May 26, 2017 12:05 pm

OCD can make your life miserable. It's like a full on attack, mentally, physically, on your time, your energy, etc. I've never seen anything quite like it. I've had nervous breakdowns, panic attacks, general anxiety, shyness, slight manias, depression, etc. Nothing is as hard as OCD and eating disorders.

OCD has anxiety, negative thinking, self destructive behavior like eating disorders, and also has 'time wasting behavior.' My mother, sister, I and daughter have this and heaven's above only know of how many others it has affected in the past, affects now or will affect in the future.

I cannot help much with the repeated behavior but the negative thoughts can be dealt with by
1. Discarding out of hand anything that is negative
2. If its true, accepting that and taking responsibility by taking action to change
3. Replacing it with positive thoughts and positive action.
With love :)

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Postby vega » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:45 pm

I'm 14 years old, dealing with very bad ocd. It use to be to the point where I'd stay in bed for days straight crying, and even (I'm shamed to say it) going to the bathroom in my bed. Because I felt so hopeless, like nothing mattered anymore. The ocd I had been suffering from for about 5 years, is called Pocd. Pedophile ocd. I had no attraction or bad intentions towards children or babies, but the constant fear of ever possibly developing either of those tool control of my life. I was so overtaken by this fear that I developed a hate for people that were younger than me, even if it was only by a year. Being around children and babies made me anxious, scared and being around naked babies (changing clothes or diapers) made me extremely uncomfortable, to the point of wanting to throw up. Now I'm on Zoloft, and it's gotten better. My hate for younger people doesn't have too much control of me, but I'm still affected by ocd in many ways. Out of everything ive ever gone through, I can very much agree with you when saying ocd is probably the scariest/most stressful things ive had to deal with. To me, it feels like an invisible sweater. That I can't ever take off. I always wear it.

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