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Hi Everyone

Postby Moira » Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:34 pm

Hi everyone, I'm 63 and going through a really rough patch. Recently I've had 4 friends pass away within 6 mo. A bad break up from who I thought was the love of my life.Just discovered he's begun dating someone. I'm currently taking medication and see a counselor that have been helping. At this point it isn't and I can't fathom why I'm here. I have no children, no close relationship with family. The only thing keeping me here is my two dogs. I do have a lot of loving and caring friends but I mask my true feelings very well. I'm hoping that reaching out and communicating with this it will help. I don't feel that I have anything left to look forward to.

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Re: Hi Everyone

Postby COPD65 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:17 pm

I understand where you are coming from - sort of. I'm married, with emphysema/COPD and about a third of normal lung function on a really good day. I had shoulder surgery in January, but she wants things done immediately no time to wait, and plan. Now my shoulder is permanently messed up because I couldn't heal first. Sometimes, talking like this is the only respite. Talk to your provider, and keep talking here, for support, and often, comfort - just knowing you aren't the only one.

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Re: Hi Everyone

Postby Janine28 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:46 pm

Hi Moria,
You are definitely not alone! I have suffered from severe depression for most of my life (i'm 42). I wouldn't wish this disease on my worst enemy!! I have been on every medication under the sun and went to a psychiatrist, psychologists, counselors priests, family, friends, herbal meds.....you name, I've tried it! About 10 months ago a doctor told me about this new medication they were using to treat depression. It's actually not new....it's been used for many many years as anesthesia during surgeries. It's called Ketamine. And I just have to say that I am pretty much cured of my depression. I am off almost all my meds and I've never been as happy as I am in my entire life. And when I tell you I suffered from SEVER DEPRESSION...I really SUFFERED BAD! I was hospitalized multiple times as well because I didn't want to "do life" anymore. But now......people can't believe I am the same person. If it wasn't for Dr. Brooks telling me about this medication I probably wouldn't be here right now!
I decided to go back to school and really focus on myself and improving my life. Is there a local school by you? A lot of colleges offer fun classes like cooking, arts -n-crafts, pottery, etc...the list is endless. Would that be something you are interested in?

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Re: Hi Everyone

Postby Moira » Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:41 pm

Thank you very much for the suggestions and advice.

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Re: Hi Everyone

Postby Jayni » Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:32 am

Moira, you are not alone. I don't have any family either but only have my dog. Yet I take so much joy from him and making his life great. In fact I went through training with him and now he is a registered therapy dog so we can spend our time providing therapy to others at convalescent homes, schools, and other events. You would not believe how this has helped me just to see how he makes other people smile. The stress just melts off people when they pet him and I've gotten so much out of it. He does all the work and I just show up with him. That said, it's evident you are going through a rough patch. It's important that you acknowledge this and that your pain is real and matters. Journaling has been really helpful for me as I can read back through things I wrote and see my own growth. I pray you find peace and comfort at this stage in your life.

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Re: Hi Everyone

Postby graceforeverandever » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:56 pm

Dear Moira, I’m truly sorry for what you are going through. It sounds that you have been through a lot recently. It is understandable the way that you feel for the loss of your relationship and friends. There are no words that can ease the pain and sorrow, however I encourage you to save all the wonderful memories that you have with them and death does not limit you to continue loving them. You do have a purpose in life. Even in the darkest moments in our lives there’s always hope. Please, let me tell you that you are not alone. Things happen for a reason. It is a hard situation that you are living now, but do not feel discourage. Hang in there!! Please do not give up! I’m glad to know that you are currently seeing a counselor. Have you considered or thought Christian counseling as an alternative? Christian counseling can be helpful through things like this. You are valuable and worth fighting for. If you want to speak further I will be here for you. Do you have a faith or believe system to help guide you through this? I do not know whether if you believe in God but I will keep you in my prayers, my friend. Sending you many hugs– keep us posted, OK?

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