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Do you feel like writing some lyrics?

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:01 pm
by shmuel
Anybody wanna write some lyrics?
Lets write a song together... :D
I`ll write the music you the words.
Verse`s and a Refrain/Chorus.... we`ll worry about the break middle 8 later :D

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:59 am
by shmuel
Now we just need some of you to post some original stuff too.
It doesn`t have to be a complete song... a few thoughts or lines will do too.
For example I`m toying around with this at the moment:
"..everyday the hole gets deeper...the arms that have held(hugged) me are getting weaker and weaker..."
I suggest you get a notebook and scribble bits of your thoughts etc., in there.
You don`t have to write a diary or big essays.... but if you keep a little bit of your feelings and thoughts on paper.I find it helps me in my dark times ;)
Please share
See ya in the chat :D

Posted: Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:12 pm
by Warmsoul/Jeanie13
That requires a talent and a few brain cells. Short on both, LOL.

(((((((((((( shmuel )))))))))))))

Warmie/Jeanie 8)

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:27 pm
by KayDee
I must say that Matt Skiba from ALK3 is a fantastic lyricist, a personal favourite of mine has to be Frank Turner though...


"The first girl that I fell for was a fair and faithful fighter
She smouldered with a will to save the world
I did my best to help her, yeah I stood shoulder to shoulder
On the front lines with my visionary girl

I wish that she had cared for me
But in the end her ideologies
Occupied the fortress of her heart
I wrote her 15 songs, but still we had to part

And if music was the food of love
Then I'd be a fat romantic slob
Well music, it's my substitute for love

The last girl that I loved she was a low and lusty liar
She set my heart on fire, but made me choke
Her beauty was a sight to see, but she didn't save it all for me
I found other fires by following the smoke

I wish that she had either cared for me or
let be me
But she chased me from mind and from my home
I wrote her 16 songs, but I ended up alone

And if love is really all that we need
Then even all my singing is never gonna save me
Music it's my substitute for love

Well I've had many different girls inside my bed
But only one or two inside my head
These days I cuddle up to my guitar instead
But oh, what I would give, not to stumble but to really fall in love
And I could substitute my singing for the sound of someone sleeping next to me."

Pretty much describes my 'lovelife' to a T.

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 3:16 am
by Jaymn
I think the TS would like people to post there own lyrics. Ones they write there selves I think.
That's the hardest thing I've ever tried. hehe I just can't seem to think of anything or how to write it in a way you would sing it. I don't know but some people can just do it like it's nothing. Amazing...

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:14 am
by Warmsoul/Jeanie13
If I wrote lyrics, well no one would understand the meaning behind them. Not good at rhymes, not my nitch in life, LOL.


Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:35 am
by gem
i used to love writeing songs songwriteing used to be a hobbie of mine but becos of my depression had to give it up and lost interest in it lol :(

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:21 am
by Jaymn
This thread kind of died out... Anyone else care to share theirs? 8)

Posted: Wed May 22, 2013 8:13 pm
by mistystarshine
I can't rhyme well.....But I'll help! Should I write something now.....?

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:09 am
by CrazyLady17
If I could take away the pain and put a smile on your face, baby I would, baby I would,
If I could make a better way to see a better day, baby I would, baby I would...


Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:03 am
by Domenico
Warmsoul/Jeanie13 wrote:That requires a talent and a few brain cells. Short on both, LOL.

(((((((((((( shmuel )))))))))))))

Warmie/Jeanie 8)

However, lets try my own keep all the smiles for you, give me all your crying sad.
because, you doesn't look good when crying... Oh my doesn't look good when crying...

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:49 am
by DontEatMyBacon
sometimes, when the depression really hit me hard, i would just turn to paper and pen and write a poem. Then i will grab my guitar and create a tune on it. I'm not that good though.