Songs that make me feel heard.

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Songs that make me feel heard.

Postby kuroihitsuji » Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:28 pm

Hey, I was here last night introducing myself, I wanted to share some songs today, though.

There's this amazing japanese group I found years ago called Keyakizaka46. Their songs mostly speak on social issues, youth and depression so thought I'd share the ones that most resonated with me at the moment. Maybe you'll like them, here they are subtitled and all if you want to listen:

Kuroi Hitsuji (Black Sheep):

Kado Wo Magaru (Around the corner):

Jibunno Hitsugi (My coffin):

Otonaha Shinjitekurenai (Adults don't believe me):

These are my four favorites at the moment, hope you'll listen and share your thoughts! Stay safe.

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