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Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 2:31 pm
by bartelby
Does anybody have this phobia? I really can't get close to birds on the street. The small and cute birds are okay but pigeons and crows are really problem.

Re: Ornithophobia

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:36 pm
by athena.vhd
hello iv seen it just now hope someone see this and reply.
i have phobia too not about birds but about some especial beetles live around me and thats a big shame becuz when i see them in street i shout and ppl look me in a strange way....
what should i do and would this phobia stay in whole lifetime? im not sure but i hope someone will just reply and give some advices.

Re: Ornithophobia

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 6:02 am
by Spleefy
Haha I’ve never heard of this phobia. You can't get close to pigeons? But they are so beautiful :lol:

It’s amazing how many different type of phobias exist, though.

I have arachnophobia, mostly of large spiders, such as huntsman spiders. Ugh. I’m already starting to freak a bit just mentioning them lol. Spiders, especially big ones, are so ugly. Can you imagine them crawling all over you? Ugh, makes my skin tingle.

Huntsman spiders are common here. If I see a huntsman, especially in the bedroom, it will take me a while to wind down before I can turn off the lights and go to sleep. I usually end up searching the room for possibly more and going on a cleaning frenzy. I often use essential oils, such as lemon Myrtle or peppermint. I will sprinkle a few drops onto a broom and wipe around the skirting boards and edge of the ceilings.

I’ve had other phobias, particularly social phobia. I overcame it, though, thankfully! But when I did have it, I struggled to even leave the sanctuary of my own house. I couldn't even go to the letterbox or take the bins out. That is how bad it was!

I’ve always had, and still have, claustrophobia. I would rank this phobia as the one of worst phobias that I have, even more than spiders. Spiders I can deal with better now—I don’t actually get too anxious anymore, as I learnt to put it into perspective and think about it differently.

But tight spaces? Heck no!

I also have a phobia of vomiting. I looked it up and it’s called Emetophobia. This may have something to do when I was a pup. I witnessed some violent and noisy vomiting moments, including blood, from other people, so it traumatized me.

Another phobia, which I would rank number one of all my phobias, is carcinophobia--the fear of developing cancer.

My spider phobia seems like nothing when I put it into perspective of the other phobias I have.

Gosh, this post just made me aware of how many phobias I have. Yowza :lol:

I will end this, as I need to get these phobias out of my head now. I can only imagine what type of phobias some other people have, especially of the things we take for granted each day. Here's a hilarious phobia for you... phobiaphobia--a phobia of phobias. :lol: I Googled the weirdest phobias... it is comical haha. There is the fear of sunlight, fear of dancing, fear of anything... you name it!

Re: Ornithophobia

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:49 pm
by Prycejosh1987
bartelby wrote:Does anybody have this phobia? I really can't get close to birds on the street. The small and cute birds are okay but pigeons and crows are really problem.

Pigeons and crows are birds that are unpredictable. That is what would make them scary to me. Just know that they will not attack you, nearly all the time they fly away when you chase them. You shouldnt scared of them. they should be scared of you. Well in the general sense. You are more bigger and powerful than these birds.