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Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 10:46 am
by Warmsoul/Jeanie13
((((((((((( Ken )))))))))))))

My sleep isn't so great, got a cold/sinus thing going on so dealing with it until it goes away. But everyone knows how that goes..

Weather is hot and sunny, yesterday and today, but rain is suppose to come tomorrow, which is good, plant life needs that.

Hope your day is going well, Fran is doing well and you are hanging in there.




Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 3:00 pm
by xn728
well ((((((warmie)))))),,,sorry to hear about the cold and sinus ,,,it will soon pass and you will feel better ,,,Fran is ok today the weather here is cooler ,,and we may have some rain tommorrow ,,yipppppeeeeeee,,,,
hey girl today ive been a little calmer ,,maybe the bad news is sinking in now and im getting used to the idea ,,,like you say ,its can be sorted with meds ,,whats another couple of tablets LOL!!! you keep mending well my dearest freind ,and well see what tommorrow brings ,,thanks and hugs ,,,
(((((((warmie))))))GOODNIGHTGirl)))))))),,,,,hey everybody ((((lisa))))) popped in today it was so nice to hear her and know shes safe ,,,lets hear some of my other dear freinds soon hey ,,keep safe ,,hugs and GOODNIGHT ((((((((all my dearest freinds )))))))),,,lots of love ken and fran xxxxx

Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 7:02 pm
by Warmsoul/Jeanie13
(((((((((( Ken )))))))))))))

Sure the sleep will eventually come for me, got to believe. Please Fran is doing better as well.

Hoping we don't get into days and days of rain, not with the work going on with the house. Time will tell.

Yes, all this new stuff with health will settle in, and it can be handled. Been there, done that. You will get use to it, just some slight changes needing to be made.

Goodnight ((((((( Ken and Fran ))))))))) sleep well, in my thoughts.



Posted: Wed May 26, 2010 2:03 am
by xn728
Morning ((((((warmie)))))) ahhh well i do wish the rain to hold off for you ,,i know its exiting when your having stuff done around the house and garden ,,ive just fitted some new work tops in the kithcen ,,and quite a lot of carpets ,,im good at those things i repair all our apliances ,,washing machine etc when they break ,,,,fran didnt marry me for my good looks you know ,,,she married me for my tool box !!!,,,LOL,,,,,,hope when you wake today its a good day for you ,,,oh me ,,today i have to trim the hedge ,,,have to be careful though ,,because of the dizzyness ,,,,only 6 ft high LOL,,,,,take care today my dearest freind ,,,see you later hugs ((((((warmie girl))))))
see you later hugs (((((all my dear freinds ))))))).....lots of love ken and fran xxxxxx take care allxx

Posted: Wed May 26, 2010 6:45 am
by Mich
Good Morning Ken - I wish I was "handy" around the house. I don't even know my way around a tool box! I read something about a "health issue" on this page so have to read back on the previous page to see what's going on. I sure hope everything is okay. We're in for a scorching hot day here today and then rain tomorrow. I do not like the oppressive heat and really like it when the temp is around 17-18C. Take good care today.....Mich. Hope Fran is doing well.