Old, abandoned and sad

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Old, abandoned and sad

Postby Yankeefan4444 » Fri Feb 04, 2022 11:28 pm

So yep, I'm 60 years old. About 5 months ago, my new wife who I loved more than my own life, left me. I lost my job about 6 weeks ago and if there is something nobody wants, it's a 60 year old in an IT field. Everyone wants 25 year olds. I have 2 daughters, neither ever calls or even texts unless they want something, usually cash. I have "friends" that I have known for well over 50 years and know all the shitty stuff going on in my life. In the past 6 months, how many texts or calls asking how I was doing? Zero. Not even a text. If I collapsed onto the floor with a stroke tonight, I would literally lie there for weeks before anyone would even wonder about me. Even my church Sunday School class I went to with my wife knows about my life. Zero calls/texts.

Something has to be wrong with me. Right now, every single person I know is running in the opposite direction away from me.

I was watching a Youtube video a couple of days ago. Kids running to their military fathers when the fathers came home after a long absence. I love those videos! And I thought "that must be the best feeling in the world, to have someone run to you." If someone was running to me now, I'd assume it was to clobber me on the head with a pipe.

My life. How in the world did I get so useless and unloveable so fast?

(copied from my new members board post)

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