My opinions are not worth anything

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My opinions are not worth anything

Postby useranonymous » Fri Jun 18, 2021 7:01 am

Whether or not my husband realises it, he's shouted at me alot and got irate when I think we should do something and he doesn't, but if he doesn't want something then that's how it is and I have to stop talking about it. He's done this to me for 12 years now. He thinks I worry too much and fall into a pit full of negativity. He's arrogant and stubborn and gets irate easily. The latest argument was I think out daughter should see a speech therapist soon and he said he doesn't agree and we should stop talking about it and I'm it saying it because of what everybody else when I don't know what other parents do. And he says I repeat myself. He didn't ask about my personal reasons until I finally managed to say after him raising his voice while I'm silently crying. He wouldn't let me finish a particular sentence about three times. He makes me cry alot. No wonder I feel my voice should not speak. I can't talk to his family as it will piss him off I went behind his back. I feel I don't love him as much now and he asks why I'm not that affectionate anymore. Well him making me feel my voice is worthless is one of them

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