Needing to be alone

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Needing to be alone

Postby Aquarikitty » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:16 am

Unlike people who are depressed because if being lonely, I try so hard to reach for it. I'm don't saying to many people are around me who want it be with me is the cause of my depression, I'm just in the need to be alone. People will follow me and it's actually putting a toll on me. In not saying I'm being stalked. I'm say that my family, the people I care about point ever let me be alone. And when I'm alone, I can actually cry, because if I cry, infont of them, they'll only ask me what's wrong, and my mother, would probably say I'm just overreacting and what I'm crying and felling sad about is something and stupid. I just got the chance to be alone for a day. And they knew I wanted to be alone, but they stayed home with me anyway. I feel mocked by my own twin.

I probably am overreacting. Well... My Mom is always right. In probably am. This was just a rant.

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Re: Needing to be alone

Postby growingrace » Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:49 pm

don't feel guilty for your feelings, but don't allow this current state to stay for too long.
why wont you tell them you need a moment for yourself, to clear your mind and you will call them to set a date/coffee, to talk or do something? perhaps they worry and don't understand why you're going through a situation, but if you explain briefly may understand. Let them know you appreciate them and if they can love you for a far for a moment, you will appreciate it. Sending you all my best, please continue to come here. I care for you!

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