Spiritual “Nutrition”

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Spiritual “Nutrition”

Postby cgaze2 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:00 pm

Hi. 1 of the things helping me is that I try to start my day with a positive quote/affirmation or if I’m in a rush, when I get a chance & I'm sitting, waiting somewhere, I will crack out the positive quote/positive book.

For example, today I was doing negative self talk for being slow to start my day. The positive quote/affirmation drowned out that stuff & that was a wrap.

The reason this post is called Spiritual “Nutrition” is that I get my positive quote/affirmation from Daily Word (unity.org), which is a combination of positive affirmations with Biblical references also. So whatever your positive religion, you can turn to that.

An interesting read may work, too. For instance, mine right now is Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray.

The other part for Spiritual Nutrition is getting active & volunteering with your favorite organization or using your talent to help the lonely, isolated, less fortunate, etc. (I’m still working on this part.)

These things can work as wellness tools for WRAP also.

I put this here as a reminder of the importance of holistic medicine.

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Re: Spiritual “Nutrition”

Postby CamGirl » Wed Apr 15, 2020 4:56 am

I agree that we need to have that daily spiritual nutrition for us to enjoy our physical, emotion and mental health :D

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