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by MarcRiddick
Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:38 am
Forum: Expressions
Topic: Comfort in knowing
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Re: Comfort in knowing

I have seen so many people suffering from depression. I meditate and feel that could really help manage your condition. It takes your mind of all the worldly things and will get that optimism inside you. Having a pet in your life also helps. It could be a great way to counter depression. The way a p...
by MarcRiddick
Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:25 am
Forum: Expressions
Topic: I don't know why
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Re: I don't know why

If you are thinking this way, then you might be dealing with two issues at a time besides depression. But, you need to see a doctor for confirming your mental health condition. Don’t ever look for self-medications at all.
by MarcRiddick
Fri Aug 16, 2019 4:19 am
Forum: Family and Friends of People Living with Depression
Topic: my mom has depression and I need help
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Re: my mom has depression and I need help

It happens a lot to the parents when kids move out, it leaves a hole in their heart, I stuffed it up with a cat, though, I do not know how, but it helped her.
by MarcRiddick
Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:06 am
Forum: Living with Depression and other Related Health Concerns
Topic: Depression and loneliness
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Re: Depression and loneliness

Why don’t you get your dog registered as an emotional support animal? You will also receive a recommendation letter with that. This will also give you the right to travel or fly with your dog. You can also earn the legal right to live with them at your place. Its constant presence can keep you uplif...
by MarcRiddick
Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:58 am
Forum: Expressions
Topic: Depression and Relationships
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Re: Depression and Relationships

In the first para, I felt like I am reading my own story. But, you are four years ahead of me, I got to know about my condition at 26. I studied a lot about anxiety and depression and worked myself to cope with them. Exercising, healthy diet, deep breathing, yoga, animal therapy and reading success ...
by MarcRiddick
Wed Jul 17, 2019 8:50 am
Forum: Family and Friends of People Living with Depression
Topic: Wife has Depression /Anxiety
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Re: Wife has Depression /Anxiety

Get a dog or a cat in the family. That really helps turn up the mood in the house. She will feel better. Do yoga and meditation with her. Make her choose a hobby. Let her engage in something that keeps her mind off of her condition. That will help.
by MarcRiddick
Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:49 am
Forum: Family and Friends of People Living with Depression
Topic: Help with a loved ones depression
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Re: Help with a loved ones depression

Do you have a pet? Like I mean a dog or cat? Animals are the ultimate stress busters. I can understand depression can be very challenging but I would suggest you to own a pet. Well, does he love animals? If yes, then you can definitely gift him a cute surprise . A better thing to do would be to cont...

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