I'm f***** up because I dont have enough money

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I'm f***** up because I dont have enough money

Postby Sma1377 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:19 am

Hey guys,my english is not so good sorry.When I had f****** born.my dad and mom beaten me and I always was in poverty.my self confidence,my pride,my hope,and my mood has f***** up.I was abused sexually and now my friends and others abase me because they are rich and i'm poor.i am sick really physical and mental and i think to suicide for many hours in a day.I think it's even late and I should did it beforehand.I am completely loser and I cant do even a little fun cause I havent money.do you think this life can continue?I am bipolar apropos.thank for your replies.

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