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Postby ajay » Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:29 am

Hi, first poster here. Im just having a struggle with my mind. Everything is going well for me, im with my partner who i love, we're talking about moving in together, i have a job that i enjoy etc. But its got to the point where i just dont want to go to work. I keep saying its because its long unsociable hours (i work 4 days a week, 12-9) but i dunno if im looking for an excuse. I took the whole week off work last week because i woke up and cried about going to work. Im not sure if its because my job is quite a draining job or what. (Im a carer for a 3 year old disabled girl, she cant speak or move her body or anything). Everytime i think about going to work it brings me to tears, whats wrong with me

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