I want sex

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I want sex

Postby Steve16 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:22 pm

It was Sunday. It was raining. I had nothing to do. I was alone. I decided to to drive to the local supermarket in the hope that things would forestall or desolve the ominous sense of despair i was gradually being engulphed within. They didn't. Finally i focussed on what i was thinking: 'i want sex' was at the heart of it. Did i really want sex or was it intimacy? And was it relly intimacy and not a feeling of connectedness? And how do i get connected? Ahh, am i not already connected? Yes, i am. How can i not be connected to my source/self/life, whatever you want to call it? At that realisation the angst disappeared. It was all a story of disconnectedness/seperateness/disatisfaction that i'd gotten lost in. I'd been unconsciously caught in my thinking and the way out was to question it as always.

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