Secretly In Love

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Secretly In Love

Postby Turtle » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:47 pm

My mind shuts down
My heart speaks out
When it comes to you girl
It's without a doubt

The way your eyes sparkle
Even with the faintest of light
Creates a sense of confusion within my sight
And a thought that screams out
You better hold on to her tight.

Cause I'm in love with you
Baby I can't help it for it's true
Please don't turn away when I am talking to you
Cause I got some words to say
That'll most likely make your day

You make my heart stop
When I see you
You make me feel better
When I'm feeling blue
You pick me up
When I fall down
Everything you do for me
Keeps me around
I love how you walk
Hips side to side
And the way your voice shakes when you say "Hi"
Keep those pretty sweet eyes
Right on me my little sunshine
And I will show you the world tonight.

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