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Postby iamnobody » Thu Oct 29, 2015 12:12 pm

I have a fear of falling
I have images in my head
My arms flailing helplessly
Looking for something to hold onto
But of course,
There is never anyone there
Because they are scared
Of falling with me
As if I would pull them down
And anchor them to the ground
Laying there lifeless once I
Reach the cold hard ground
Thing about all this
Is that I see everything
So clearly that it hurts
The laughter the tears
It all just comes crashing
Down around me
So I wonder how longs
It's been since I've started
Falling downwards so fast
I thought it was strong
The harness I thought I had
I thought they cared enough
Not to let it go
But no, they let me go
And down I'm falling
Into my worst fears
Betrayal etched into my heart
The only question that
Stings my mind now
Is if they would realise
That the ropes have been
Falling with me because
Nobody had time to hold them
Nobody had strength to
Hold onto my worries
So they let go and forgot
That I was ever there
So I did them a favour
And let myself fall
Even if that was my
Worst fear of all

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