A poem about suicide.

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A poem about suicide.

Postby Joekababazae » Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:50 am

I wrote this during a very dark time in my life. I thought I might share it. enjoy

A lie left untouched, a life destined for failure, the clock set at birth to be rid of the boy.

A childhood in fog, flailing around blindly, unable to speak or hear, feel empathy or joy.

Thrown at doctors, therapists, and shrinks. Pumped him full of drugs, a chemical lobotomy.

His behavior declined, more trouble at school, unable to restrict his broken personality.

They thought him autistic due to his poor communication, a statistic retarded, thrown in the corner, left there to rot.

Lazy and weak, fat and stupid, can't stand still for more than two seconds, forever in a daze, a runt to be shot.

Unable to socialize due to his nature, no love for him, mute and alone, sexless and spineless.

An academic joke, stumbling and lying, a number for comfort, stupid and mindless.

His eyes are opened, plight made apparent, writhing and wailing at the hole that cannot be filled.

He looks at his options, none of them wanted, he stares in the mirror and sees who must be killed.

Fools pushed away, never to return, a consideration to prevent more grieving, hoping to vanish, missed by no one.

A method selected, courage is conjured, he walks with unholy conviction knowing what must be done.

Unaware are his peers of the maggot's approaching doom, to busy functioning to see through his lies.

He walks through the halls uninterrupted, not one of them caring enough to see the pain in his eyes.

Ingested are the medicines with determined ambition, a swig of the poison and his painful journey is done.

Found sometime later, a foul abomination, a pathetic end to a story that should have never begun.

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