Depression, a poem.

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Depression, a poem.

Postby TheRealNoah » Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:13 am


So close to obsession
Self deprivation, aggression
Evil thoughts plant evil seeds
Of possession
But the only demon is me
And it's time for redemption
To release all the tension
Built up in my axe handle
And it goes without mention
That if I didn't have the support I do
I'd snuff em out like a candle
Almost too much to handle
Breaking under the pressure
Of one more Midnight Therapy session

I am Larry
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Postby I am Larry » Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:48 pm

So true. There is hope though: "That if I didn't have the support I do/
I'd snuff em out like a candle." Thank you for that. I needed to hear it. Now if I only could believe it.
"Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful." --Jimi Hendrix

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