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Postby ShyGirl » Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:57 pm

I love the sunshine, how it warms my skin.
What a relief waking up from this nightmare.
Could dreams be true, why this dream ?
Escaping from death, and still I ran, forgetting
my purse, but as I woke up, I saw it where I left it

I wouldn't let them take me, but even though I escaped,
I could feel my soul in the darkness, not because I wanted,
but because sometimes I forget, what it feels like to be warm
My first true love, hes slipping through my fingers, down down
Please come back up I scream, but he can't hear, his demons
Pull him down, Please come back I scream, but no sound

What is beauty with out happiness, what is friendship, without trust ?
A heart of gold, I hold, when will it stop beating from the pain

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