No lovin....... no good

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No lovin....... no good

Postby Graywolf » Sat Apr 07, 2018 8:59 pm

Me and my wife have been married for 24 years and I'm miserable. I think I have boy cooties or something. I know that I'm not the easiest person to live with. I know I'm not the best looking guy. I really know that I'm worthless. This is why, see I'm not a man anymore. I'm not able too work anymore and take care of her and the family. I try to romance her with flowers, and candy when appropriate, I try to buy her little things just out of the blue when I had money. I even tried this,and a female friend said if her boyfriend did what I did she would have thanked him all night long :wink: , I went to the flower shop and bought 3 dozen roses. I took 2 dozen and separated the petals and spread them all over the bed and I made a trail from the door to the bed. Then I light candles throughout the house and put some in the bed room. I mean I went all out. I put a platter on the bed with candy, strawberries, and I put chocolate in a bowl for the strawberries. I even went as far as to dress myself up, I got a pair of silk boxers. Everything was just right I had it all done about 5 minutes before she got home from nursing school. It was set up perfectly. Now I'm on the bed waiting for her. I heard her from the front door. Oh my God what F**king mess. She got closer to the bedroom just before she opened the door I heard her say. Oh my God he's hor*y again that's all that man think about is sex. We hadn't done anything together in 6 months. I was just trying to put the spark back in our marriage. Now sience I've been taking so much medicine for all my ailments. I can't preform my manly duties properly. I can't take the blue pill because of my heart condition and blood pressure. It not that I can't get up for the task, it just takes me a long time to get there. She says that I take to long. She will say she's done and leave me hanging. Now this time it's been 5 months and 9 days sience we have had relations.I have asked her, begged her, pleaded with her, and I get the same old excuses. I'm tired, I've got a headache, it THAT time, or my favorite of all time. I don't know why you want sex all the time, you have got to be the hor*iest man alive, why don't you go get yourself off. Yep that's what she said. Worst part about it I can't leave. I have no money and nowhere to go. We have a little girl and I do not have the money for child support. I've been disabled for a year and a half give or take a month or so. It's not that I don't love her because I do. It's just when it comes to a little fun in the bed room it always NO WE AN'T DOING IT. I get so tired of feeling this much hurt.I don't want to throw away 24 years. We've had some good times together. We used to have wonderful time in the bed room.
I don't know where I went wrong or what I've done wrong. Sometimes I actually feel like she really doesn't want or need me anymore. But the most scary thing is I'm afraid she doesn't love me anymore. That's what eats me alive, then I go to my dark place. There is so much wrong with me physically that I can't believe that she even stays around anyway. I guess I'm not the only one in this condition, but it sure feels like I am. So alone, so unwanted, so unloved. I wish I had a magic wand and make everything ok, but no chance in hell of that. I feel like I'm all by myself with her in the same bed as me. We don't even use the same bed covers. She says that I have roaming hands. So sepreat covers. It just a stinking mess. If anyone has any idea's please I need some help with this one. Ladies could really use you insite please.

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Re: No lovin....... no good

Postby jwill2819 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 1:38 pm

Hey, how's it going? I would like to tell you that just because you may not be working, doesn't make you any less of a man. there are numerous ways to prove your worth to you and your wife and still be manly about it, I.E.: Cooking, fixing things around the house. Sometimes as men we feel as if the only way that we can provide is through finances only, which is not true. You just have to look at other areas to focus on to take the load off her. Also as far as with doing things romantic for her, have you every read the 5 love language ? Sometimes when it comes to loving our spouses, we could be speaking a language that they don't respond to. I think this book would help your relationship and maybe even be a good read for both of you guys. be encourage and continue to love your wife and find ways to reduce the stress in both of y'all lives. I hold this helps.

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