Dream that brings up weird/sad feelings

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Dream that brings up weird/sad feelings

Postby samthelam » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:32 pm

So last night I had a really weird dream. I was in my house and I don’t really know how to explain it but I was basically going crazy but at the same time was extremely depressed and frustrated. My mom, dad, brother, and Cole (cute neighbor) were there for some reason and were taking care of me. I was for some reason in a fight with my mom and she was so upset with me and crying and I felt bad she was upset but I couldn’t explain myself and got more frustrated. I didn’t know this in the dream then but I know now I wanted to kill myself in the dream and everyone knew and was trying to keep me safe and keep me from doing something stupid. I obviously ignored them and was mad and just feeling weird. Everyone was outside trying to build me something to make me feel better, which weirdly was a big slide for the backyard. Anyways they were building while I was inside with a doctor who was like evaluating me, which you know I hate, and I was trying to leave any chance I got. I don’t know why Cole was there but he was scared of what would happen to me and kept trying to pity me but I knew deep down he didn’t actually like me and that made me feel even worse. Everyone had left except him and he was in charge of watching me but I managed to pack a bag and leave in a car and he tried to catch me but i ran away. I don’t know how it ended but for some reason I get such a weird feeling when I think about this dream. Maybe its because I know the frustrated, angry, wanting to kill myself feeling too well. Maybe since I’m so happy right now I’m scared I’m going to go back to that place and lose everything I’ve built for myself. Which I am, scared….
At the same time I’m scared that I’m not going to find someone to care about me enough and actually have genuine feelings for me and am everything to them. Someone who cares about me more than anything in the world. That know all the quirks i have and how I’m feeling that moment and what i need then. Or maybe I’m just scared that I’m finally moving forward with my life and that i don’t know what's going to happen down the road. I really cant explain the feeling but i just feel like crying right now. Has anyone have this happen to them or something similar? Any advice would help, I just need to know that I’m not going to fall back into a sever depressed/anxiety hole like i have in the past. Or that I’m going to want to kill myself again, and trust me, that is a horrible feeling that makes your head want to explode with thoughts.

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Re: Dream that brings up weird/sad feelings

Postby Gamermana » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:47 pm

Abot that dream...
There is nothing to worry about totally...
A dream is the left out information in your brain that is put for back up and merged together to
Be compressed and easly remembered in the future...
Mainly thinking about your fears tricked your brain that it is something important that you should remember later on in the future so...

About the feelings you get after the dream...
You are just shocked about how your brain used to compress these information in your brain...

My only thing to say is that make friends as much as you can who knows... maybe you will find the one that cares about you and vice versa

Stay safe bro! :)

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