Negativites & You

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Negativites & You

Postby Ofear » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:16 pm

When negativity overrules you; when pain co-rules your heart,
Remember to believe in yourself;
Remember everything happens for a reason;
For it, there is immense truth in that;
To that, in all that we do, lays a purpose within it;
Nothings without meaning in life;
Yet life, at times can be challenging and immensely demanding;
For it, it is important not to lose perspective in life;
Do not allow, negative attributes to overrule you,
Yet only because of past negative associations;
Don’t become selfish and ignorant,
Yet only because others have been with you;
For it, all this will bring you is nothing, but more negativity in spades;

When will you remember to be kind to yourself? Were you born filled with knowledge?
There can be miracles when you believe

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