Vitamin D3 cured my anxiety, depression, and panic disorder

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Vitamin D3 cured my anxiety, depression, and panic disorder

Postby Ali » Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:29 am


I suffred from depression, anxiety, and panic disorder for a few decades. One day, accidentally, I read something about vitamin D3, and depression on the Net, which ultimately changed my life.

A few months after reading the article, I decided to go for a routine check up, and blood test. This time, I asked for a vitamin D3 test to be included. The test result showed that I was deficient on vitamin D3 !!!

After visiting a doctor known for his work on vitamins, and amino acids deficiencies, I got 300,000 IU (International Units) monthly injections of vitamin D3. Three days after receiving the first injection, the depression started lifting, and in the second month, all symptoms of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks vanished. It has been 18 months since the first injection. I am on a maintenance dose of vitamin D3. There is no doubt that I have been cured, 100%.

The first question that will pop up in your over exhausted heads is that why the doctors do not know much about the curing power of vitamin D3 ? Dr. S. Zaidi is an Assitant Professor of Medicine at UCLA. In general terms, he answers the above question in his book, Power Of Vitamin D:

"Why hasn't my Doctor told me about all the beneficial
effects of Vitamin D ?"

"Unfortunately, This exciting new knowledge about vitamin D hasn't reached the radar screen of most physicians, nor has it reached the curriculum of medical schools. Why? Because no drug company is behind it. It's not a drug. it's cheap and you can obtain it over the counter. Unfortunately, most of our medical research, medical guidelines for practicing physicians and medical knowledge in text books is dependent upon drug companies one way or another. Sad but true! It may take years before this revolutionary knowledge finds its way into medical books and physician's offices."

Well, the above quotation should answer some of your questions.

By arranging for a vitamin D3 (25-OH) blood test, you will know the level of vitamin D3 in your body. If your test result is low, which most likely it will be, please take the lab papers to an up to date doctor, and ask him/her to put you on high doses of vitamin D3. It is very important that you go to an up to date doctor before you start your medications--don't forget it please.

Vitamin D3 treatment has worked for me, and many others. There is a good chance that it could work for you also, if you are low on this vital vitamin. Your feedback on your progress will highly be appreciated.

Best wishes,

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Re: Vitamin D3 cured my anxiety, depression, and panic disorder

Postby Sara123 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:12 pm

Hi Ali
Can you help me pleas? I really need your help, I want to send you my blood test, please can I have your email? I will really appreciate that, its been a long time.........:-(
This is mine
[email protected]
Thank you mr Damavandi, Ive been searching you in a lot of sites! I dont have or dont know any up to date dr, unfortunatly:-(
Really need your help, thank you

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