I hate everything about myself

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I hate everything about myself

Postby HeckticWolla » Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:11 pm

Hi. So, I'm a teenage girl that hates everything about herself and her life. Right here, right now I can name every single issue with me and my life:
- I wish I was a boy, but I don't want to be transgender
- I hate my name
- I hate the religion I was born into
- I hate my nationality
- I hate my personality
- I hate how I have no talents
- I hate how bad my grades always are no matter how hard I try
- I hate how I can't express my feelings unless it's something anonymous like this
- I hate how my family doesn't have much money (we aren't poor though)
- I hate my last name
- I hate how I look
- I hate my weight
- I hate that no guys ever like me
- I hate how my friends never invite me to do things with them

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